Perches for Hummingbirds

Among the various characteristics of Hummingbird Habitats, perches have a significant role, this not only acts as a resting place for the backyard birds but also provides a better viewing location for the ones who are going to visit these hummingbirds.

How do Hummingbirds use perches?

A Perch for a hummingbird plays an essential role in taking a break,other important purposes of these perches for hummingbird includes

  • Preening or Sunning
  • Watching and Guarding territory for competing hummingbirds, intruders, etc.
  • Hunting the insects around the hummingbird garden
  • Taking a long break from nesting and other duties.

The perches offer broad, functional and best view of the hummingbird in a clear picture without any obstruction; a backyard bird will return to its favorite perch often and also chase other hummingbird forms the perch before settling in them. There are two different types of perches namely natural and supplemental perches.

Natural Perches

Most of the Hummingbirds will check out these natural perches in their favorable nests or near to any feeding territories. Hummingbirds love to choose clean twigs or branches, thin and spindly growth vines. The birds perch at the tip or on the side of the branch based on the orientation of the branch; they sway with breezes by holding the firm grip.

Avoid pruning away new growth or the dead branches and twigs that get extended away from the plant’s primary growth as this will help in providing natural perches for your backyard hummingbirds and other birds.

Watch your backyard birds, check out where they live to perch so that you can find their favorite spots with ease.

Supplemental Perches

In case of failure to create natural perches, you can prefer adding up a supplemental perch to your landscaping for the birds to make use of it.

A think clothesline, a brush pile with smaller twigs, the thin offshoot that is wrapped around the branch and similar factors can attract the hummingbird, and this can create an artificial perch which means the supplemental perches.

Copper Hummingbird Swing which is the hummingbird accessory can add instant perches to any yard and decorate them with any red beads, wire or artificial perches can help the birds to attain more interest on it.

Make sure you are positioning these supplement perches near to the hummingbird feeders or flowers so that you provide a space in the shade and sun so birds can choose the perch as per their needs and attention. You need also ensure whether there is enough space for the bird to check out the nearby area and fly freely to bring the perch more attractive and colorful.

Extra Tips for Hummingbird Perches

To ensure whether your perches useful and attractive, follow the below tips.

  • Provide different perches at various angles, height, and they should be developed based on the sun and shade type so that different birds can make use of different perches various time of the day.
  • Place the perches in an excellent location so that you can get the precise and best view from any unobstructed patio, windows, decks, etc. as the birds get returned to the same perch for multiple reasons.
  • Make sure you are positioning the perch nearby any water mister so that your backyard birds can fly effortlessly through the dampness, this is the means how birds bath, have their food and then return to their favorite perch again for sunning and preening after moistening feather.
  • It’s mandatory to offer open space around perches so that your backyard hummingbird will feel safe and secure.
  • An open space will help the hummingbird to have a look out to the predators and also they can have enough room to launch them into flight easily and quickly.

Perching while Feeding

There is always debate occurring among the different type of backyard birders that the hummingbird feeders are best to be chosen with perches or without them. The fact is that birds use either feeder types.

The bird will get the convenient place to rest themselves between these feedings if they provide perches nearby. Some hummingbird does not prefer to stay on the hummingbird feeder in many cases, but few types sleep on a hummingbird feeder whereas get fed in other hummingbird feeders.

If you are providing hummingbird with perches, then make sure the perches you provide are far enough from the feeder base and below the feeding port level so that hummingbirds get quickly get the access to nectar while perching. The next step is to monitor them so that you can check out if any hummingbird predators are not stalking them and whether the backyard birds remains safe and finds a comfortable feeding.

Bottom Line

Offering perches for different types of hummingbirds are simple as this is one of the simpler ways of getting more magnificent views of these impressive birds.

Any ideas, suggestions, and tips on Hummingbird perches are welcome.

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