Humming Bird Nest – All Facts You Must Know

Humming bird nests imitates a crown jewel which is considered as one of the amazing wonder feats in all of nature. However its nest is so tiny in nature, it also too perfect for catching their eggs within it. This tiny humming bird nests is hard to find out.

Being as a little of two inch size, humming bird able to create a unique beautiful elaborated nest to fight against the worst elements and harmful predators. Each of the 17 humming bird species in North America able to build and breed a nests with slight differences according to their habitats.

So for all these reason, I have narrated this article to help you in finding the hummingbird’s nest, where it used to built, what materials it’s made from and some interesting facts that you want to know about it.

How humming bird nests do seems like?

When you view the humming bird nest from the ground, it looks like a bump appearance over a tree branch. In general, humming birds nest looks like a small camouflaged knots quilted with fibers and other materials over the tree limb.

If you view it from the side, it looks like an umbrella dropped in a down direction on the ground. From the above view, it looks like a half coconut covering conceals over the branches. Its nest size depends on their body shape and its weight such that its nest measures only one and half inches in diameter.

Basic facts about humming bird nest

The female humming bird only builds its nest up to 80 feet high over the trees, shrubs or branches. It constructs a compact velvety cup shaped nest with spongy cushioned floors with high flexibility to stretch the next when it grows younger.

They weave the twigs, leaves bits and plant fibers together with the use of spider silk thread for binding purposes. It laid eggs themselves with the size of small navy bean or jelly bean of white color which weighs only half a gram.

Most of the female humming bird lay only two eggs and it make use of a own made nest for incubating the eggs up to 18 days. Each humming bird does not reuse its nest for next level of egg hatching. Even if it is in a perfect condition, it never makes use of the old one. Instead it builds another new nest near or above the old nest.

Where humming bird locates its nest?

You feel troublesome to track the exact location of the humming bird’s nest location due to its small tiny appearance. Most of the female humming bird builds its nest in a hidden shelter of trees and shrubs like oak, poplar, pine, hornbeam, hackberry, birch and some others.

It usually built its nest hidden above the ground anywhere from 10 feet to 80 feet taller for making it vulnerable and invisible for harmful predators. You can also sometimes find their nest on loops of chain, extension cords and electrical wires.

After breeding, humming bird used to migrate for new place for further breeding process. Its first work is to eat well for refilling their energy and after that it starts immediately to build its nest. While building its nest, each female humming bird must select the perfect location to prevent the entry of ants, bird and snakes out from their nest.

Humming bird goes through extreme lengths for locating their nest in a safe invisible and hidden shelter place. Finest of all, every humming bird locate their nest in a trees where there are cross like branches available in it.

The main reason for placing its nest in a cross branch is that, it provides better sturdy comfortable base and direct sunlight exposure. Once you find any of the female humming bird, follow it, which further makes you to easily find out its nesting location.

Humming bird nest make both animals and people to think that it is just a small knot mingled over a tree limb or branches. Due to this trait, humming bird will escape through the harmful activities of getting damaged with its nest.

Humming bird nesting materials

The humming bird built its nest based on high durability, great flexible covering and young survival. It makes use of spider silk as threads, cotton fibers, moss, lichen, feather, leaves, plant fuzz and animal fur. While incubating the eggs, female humming bird continue to adjust the nest with additional materials until the young ones are grown.

The entire nest is bounded together with spider silk for providing strength, flexibility and strong base to live in. Interior cup of the nest is constructed with soft cushioned material for making a comfortable stay for baby humming bird.

In what way humming bird nest are different from others?

Humming bird’s nest is built uniquely in several ways such that it amazed you about the additional inclusion of twigs, pebbles and other stiff materials. When compared to other nesting, humming bird nest includes high flexibility to expand its nest according to the baby humming bird.

Humming birds nest is specially vented with the high efficient sturdy materials to shelter and prevent the baby humming bird against wind, storm and other worst weather condition. Humming bird prefer greater altitudes closer to water bodies in which the weather is cooler for eliminating the temperature issues.

The bottom side of the humming bird nest is thicker and differs from other nest such that it helps to regulate the flow of temperature inside the nest. This temperature enables the baby humming bird to stay warmer in all kind of weathers.

Of all, if you find any humming bird’s nest, don’t try to touch it because it leads a way for the predator existence. The main reason is that, the predators can’t able to smell humming bird scent than your scent.

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