Can You Have A Humming Bird As A Pet?

No, we cannot have a humming bird as a pet. It is illegal to keep a hummingbird as pet. They cannot survive in home in home; they need more space to survey and should be freely move. They not only live with their nectar alone they need lots of resources.

According to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 it’s illegal to keep the humming birds as a pet in United States, because in US they are very low in number and so is not allowed to harm them. These birds are left in the nature to increase in numbers. Humming are very colorful birds with distinctive wings that flutter their wings very wide so flies all over the places.

Even though they are given with enough space and food to survive at home they are not well satisfied with their cage. They need natural resources to survive; it is illegal where the humming birds are grown as a pet in many areas. This law makes sure that we shouldn’t capture the humming birds and it illegal to capture any of the humming birds, including the migratory bird. In addition to the prohibition or if anybody disobeying the law of holding or capturing a humming bird, the penalties for breaking this law include steep fines up to $200,000.This also includes the act of keep a humming bird nest, egg or baby.

First of all, if you live in the US or the citizen of US and living in the humming bird cities, it the most illegal part of having humming bird as pet. There is only low number of humming bird breeders in the US offering birds in zoos, if you need them as a pet then you must have license in having pet of them. And it is illegal to own a native North American humming bird as a pet.

If you are the true lover of the humming birds then you can buy the humming bird feeder and can place in your garden with the bird’s nectar so that more humming birds come and take it and makes your yard, garden colorful. You might think that the birds only need sugar water, but it is not so, they need beautiful climate and more resources.

Humming birds are also more fragile. It is unbelievable that it is easy to hurt or kill them. If you want a small, attractive pet bird, there is some other which is same as humming bird that is finches.

You should provide the humming birds breed by freely living them into all resources and by feeding them with variety of foods quantities and by its favorite nectar without any dye which is harmful. You can simply feed them in your lawn, garden, yard and simply let them freely.

If you are not planning to let it fly free then you should buy a huge cage, as big as most macaws: 4 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall. You can’t keep them in a small cage. But its better to let them freely.

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