Best Hummingbird Food Recipe

Humming birds are the cute little magical creatures. They float on the air by dancing and singing sweetly by its beautiful voice and zip around with the help of their wings. They visit your garden to have food. The connection between the humming bird and the garden flower is the ultimate relation for their growth.

We feel pleasant while watching a humming bird sucks honey from the flowers. Some may enjoy the presence of humming bird in their garden regularly. There is a way to make humming birds visit your home i.e. providing food for humming bird makes the bird visit your home frequently. Below are the steps for the recipe for preparing food to humming birds.

Food recipe

Make food for humming birds in home by following these steps.


The ingredients needed for the humming bird food is not any bulky products to be used. Very simple items are used to make food for these cute little birds. 1cup of cane sugar and 3 or 4 cups of spring water is the only ingredient needed to do this recipe.

How to do?

Ingredients are in the hand now what should you do? Dissolve the sugar in water in needed quantity. Mix it well till the sugar dissolves in the water completely. Some use to add red food coloring to attract the humming birds by its attractive colors. But that may harm the birds those drink that water. So do not use red food coloring to the food you keep for the humming birds. They may stop visiting your garden if the taste of the food is artificial. The unused mixture of the humming bird food can be preserved in the refrigerator for up to a week. Using cane sugar is the highly recommended one for the humming birds. But beet sugar will also match the taste so using it is also okay. Do not use any other sugars or honey or any other artificial sweeteners to the drinks you provide for the humming birds. Do not heat up the water that you provide to these birds. Spring water is preferred but most tap water is acceptable by them. If you find too many bees are being attracted then change the mixture to five cups of water for every one cup of sugar added.


Preparing food the humming bird is not only enough, feeding it and making it attracted towards the product use is also important. I am here to help you how to feed the humming birds. Choose a feeder that you are able and willing to clean. The feeder should be having the ports above the pool of liquids to avoid drips. Notice the population of the humming bird’s visiting your garden and then select the size of the feeder. Do not fill the feeder all the way even it is not being used. To support more hummers and help reduce territoriality the only way is to have more feeders. You are able to watch the increasing amount of birds visiting your garden after feeding them with their favorable dish.

Important points to be noted

Only by doing the above process the humming birds do not get attracted. There are many processes to be done. At first the feeder and the food should be fresh. Change the mixture every three to five days only if the temperatures are above 90 degree F. If the liquid looks cloudy or if you see mold then you have to wash the feeder thoroughly right away. Next the location for the feeder is very important. Put the feeders at least four feet above the ground so they are away from the reach of cats and other predators. Never place a feeder very closer to the nest because it may cause predation. It will be better if the feeder is placed in a shady spot. A good ides of the location is placing the feeder in a area which you are able to watch from your window.


The feeders must be cleaned between refilling and do not close the feeder’s top without cleaning. Use a mild detergent and water to wash the food container. Rinse it thoroughly. About once a month, soak the feeder in a solution of bleach and water and rinse very thoroughly. Some feeders can be put in the dishwasher for sterilization. If your feeder is attracting ants then you have to use a moat or ant guard to stop them.


Hope the above recipe and tips may help you in a better way. By following these surely you are able to see humming birds visiting your garden. But more than this plant trees that are liked by the humming birds so they are able to get the natural food. However you are going to watch humming birds from your windows after following these steps.


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