Top 10 Best Finch Feeders

Finch feeders provide popular seeds for birds, which have small and thin ports to hold their seeds. Finch feeders give small grains for the birds to eat, which means the feeding is much easier for birds. If you can afford a wide variety of seeds to birds, visit your garden or yard regularly. Finch feeders are a great way to attract birds.

Some studies have shown that spending time looking at nature is good for the soul. Adding a finch feeder to your yard will help you get closer to nature and leads to an increase in the bird’s population. Many birds cannot get food, but finch feeders provide food to grow the bird’s species, so finch feeders are preferred by most of them. Birds enjoy eating seeds on conical bills of pinch feeders.

A variety of finch feeders are available in the market. If you have a finch feeder in your garden, then fill up the finch completely and enjoy watching the birds eating. Finch feeders come with different styles and colors to get birds into your garden. But buying a Finch Feeder is a bit confusing, so our Best Finch Feeder Review is a great help for you.

Best Overall Bird House

(Cutehummingbirds #1 Choice)

stokes select 38194 bird feeder
  • Durable
  • Bright and attractive design
  • Weather-resistant
  • Affordable price

Table: Top 10 Best Finch Feeders

Product Name
Our Ratings
Stokes Select 38194 Bird Feeder
Stokes Select 38194 Bird Feeder
Affordable price
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Perky-Pet Upside Down Goldfinch Feeder
Perky-Pet Thistle Feeder
Durable plastic
4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)
perky-pet no or no finch feeder
Perky-pet No/No Finch Feeder
Metal construction
4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Droll Yankees Finch Birdfeeder
Durable materials
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Woodlink MINIMAG2 Magnum Nyjer Feeder
Woodlink MINIMAG2 Nyjer Feeder
Durable metal mesh screens
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Aspects 398 Quick-Clean Thistle Tube Feeder
Aspects 398 Quick-Clean Thistle Tube Feeder
Sturdy plastic perches
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Gardman BA04820A Yellow Flip Top Thistle Feeder
Gardman BA04820A Thistle Feeder
Unique design
4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)
BirdQuest Spiral Finch Tube Thistle Feeder
Bird Quest SBF2Y Spiral Thistle Bird Feeder
Aluminum and stainless body
4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
Kaytee Finch Feeder
Reasonable price
4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)
Woodlink NATUBE9 Audubon Thistle Finch Feeder
Woodlink NATUBE9 Audubon Thistle Finch Feeder
Durable plastic and metal
4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Best Finch Feeders - 10 Feeders Reviewed

1. Stokes Select 38194 Bird Feeder

stokes select 38194 bird feeder


  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Great for backyard
  • High-density plastic


  • Little bit small

The Stokes Select Bird Feeder is the best definition for the upside-down feeder, which has the yellow color at the top and bottom of the feeder to attract birds to the feed easily. It will decorate your yard and make it look very classy. The feeder is very durable and is made of high-density plastics that won’t rust. So you can hang this in a large hanging ring, which is so strong and supportive, and it easily hangs by the hook.

The metal wire body of the feeder is excellent for clinging birds, and the wire mesh has tiny holes so that you can store even the smallest seeds in the feeder. The pores help keep the seed dry and fresh. It gives complete comfort when birds eat the seeds. This Stokes brand offers a wide variety of feeders. It also provides perches for a natural level of feeding.

This finch feeder has an excellent opening on both ends, so it is easy to replenish the feeder when the seed level is low and clean. So you can spend more time with wild birds. There is a floral garden design on the top of the finch feeder, preventing the squirrel from reaching the sides of the feeder.

  • Holds up to 0.5 pound of seeds.
  • Provides the natural feeding position
  • Wide opening in both ends
  • Large stainless steel rings for hanging


2. Perky-Pet Thistle Feeder

perky pet 399 patented thistle feeder


  • Durable plastic
  • Easily hang
  • Small finches fill


  • Cleaning is a bit hard

The Perky-bed thistle feed is an excellent choice for small billed seed-eating birds like goldfinches. If you are thinking of attracting these goldfinches to your yard, then fill the feed with thistle seeds.

The Perky-Pet 399 is an upside-down thistle feeder that provides fun for finches when feeding. It comes with the perfect size for birds, so it is lovely to watch birds eating and perching simultaneously in the upside-down feeding ports. It has 8 or more finches to eat the seeds for more birds at the same time.

The top cap color of the feeder is yellow to attract birds easily. It holds the 2 lbs of thistle seeds for finches, and you can add a finch mixture to the feeder for birds. The feeder has 6 upside-down feeding ports with perches, which allow the goldfinches to feed without disturbance. The cap and feeder tube comes with a weather-resistant option.

The Finch Feeder design is suitable for goldfinches, and it does not allow other birds like a bully bird because it is an excellent bird-proof. The ports of feeder have a tiny finch bill. This feeder comes at a lower price than most of the feeders.

  • Using multiple birds at the same time
  • With built-in hanging hook
  • Six feeding ports with even Space
  • 2 lb seed capacity ensures your goldfinch visitors

3. Perky-pet No/No Finch Feeder


  • Not plastic or wood
  • Easy to clean
  • Big enough


  • Bit expensive

The Perky Bed No / No Finch Tube Feeder has a sturdy and unique construction and made of mesh wire and metal. It is not made of wood and plastics. The mesh wire design allows the birds to eat the food by sticking the holes quickly.

The feeder baffles to keep out the squirrel, and it provides shelter for birds to feed in inclement weather. This feeder requires minimal maintenance because it is effortless to clean and replenish. It is capable of saving 1.75 lbs of seeds, so you don’t need to refill the feed regularly. But, this often needs to be filled during the peak feeding season.

This perky-pet no/no bird feeder can feed 10 to 15 birds at the same time. This feeder is perfect for the people who love to watch the perching, feeding, and clinging process.

The feed design of the feeder distributes the birds evenly, and the tray helps to avoid messing in the feed. The perky-pet patented design ensures the highest quality, and the long-lasting, stability, and durability are the best reason to buy this product.

  • Holds 1.75 lbs of seeds
  • Good for clinging or perching birds
  • Can feed 10 to 15 birds at once
  • Metal construction is very sturdy

4. Droll Yankees Finch Birdfeeder


  • Durable materials
  • Easy to refillable
  • Perfect design


  • Difficult to clean tube length

The droll Yankees are one of the favorites of many pinch lovers and designed with a height of 36 inches, and it has 20 ports. Therefore, it is possible to feed a large number of finches simultaneously. The yellow cap and base are easily attracted finches to your feeder. The feeder can hold 3 1/2 pounds of seed.

There is an internal baffle in the feeder tube that helps the seeds to come downward, so the feeder is emptied quickly. The feeder comes with a steel hanging wire, so you can hang it or mount it on the pole. The feeder has a user-friendly design because the sliding metal cap allows you to refill it quickly.

The drainage holes help to prevent the moisture added in the feeders. So the bacteria and the mold does not accommodate in the tube. It also keeps the seed fresh for a long time. 

The hanging wire is chew-proof, and the metal base and surface are made up of zinc die-cast. The clear polycarbonate tube is an ultraviolet stabilizer, which ensures the durability of the feeder. These finch feeder ports come with the perfect size for the finches, so large birds and squirrels don’t have access to the seed port of the feeder.

  • Hang with stainless steel wire or pole mount
  • Have measures 5-1/2 x 5-1/2 x 40 inches
  • Holds over 3 pounds of seed
  • A huge feeder with 20 ports and accommodates multiple birds at one time

5. Woodlink MINIMAG2 Nyjer Feeder

woodlink MINIMAG2 nyjer feeder


  • Large tray size
  • Durable metal mesh screens
  • Easy-open top


  • Small thistle seeds can leak

The Woodlink Finch Feeder comes with a durable powder-coated finish that holds the perch for bird’s resting. These Feeders are made up of metals, so it is highly durable.

This mini feeder has a drainage hole in the seed tray, so the seed is never spoiled by moisture, and the seed is highly protected. The top of the feeder has the open to fill the grain, and you can store 3/4 pounds of seeds in the feeder.

This feeder is suitable for your backyard or garden to attract birds easily. The mesh and stainless tray are used to perching and clinging for the finches. You don’t need to refill the feeder continuously because it takes more time to empty, so you see the birds with full pleasure.

This Woodlink Feeder attracts small birds easily, such as goldfinches, chickadees, finches, siskins, and redpolls. It comes with the hunter’s green at the top and bottom of the feeder.

  • Metal construction
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Holds 3/4 pounds of seed
  • Drain holes in a seed tray


6. Aspects 398 Quick-Clean Thistle Tube Feeder

Aspects 398 Quick-Clean Thistle Tube Feeder


  • Easy seed removable
  • 10 birds feeding at once
  • Holds 1.5 pounds seed


  • Stores nyjer seed only

The Aspect Finch Feeder is made up of a heavy combine tube, which is easy to clean. The polycarbonate tube ensures the longevity of the product and is ultraviolet stabilized. The metallic gray color of the feeder attracts the finches easily.

The top and base of the finch feeder are made up of clear die-cast metal. It also withstands in heavy rainfall and snow. The feeders are brushed with a nickel cap, and it has an easily removable base, which allows you to spend less time cleaning the entire feeder. 

The Thistle Tube Feeder built with the seed deflector in the base that allows the birds to eat every last seed in the feeder. This feeder provides a revolutionary and removable base, because you have to remove the bottom by pressing two buttons, and its slides, then exit the feeder quickly. The seed tray is inserted, and it is removable in the base.

The feeder has 10 feeding stations so you can feed many birds at once. The diameter of the feeder is 2.75 inches, and it holds the 1.75 quarts of seeds. The feeder is made of plastics that make the perches more durable for the bird’s convenience.

  • Easy clean removable base
  • Sturdy plastic perches
  • Seed deflector in its base
  • Hanger comes with enough long

7. Gardman BA04820A Thistle Feeder

Gardman BA04820A Thistle Feeder


  • Sturdy handle
  • Unique design
  • Easy to fill


  • No other colors

The Gardman thistle feeder is the unique one on our list and the perfect sock feeder for many birds. In the top, the mesh bag comes with the yellow flip that attracts birds to the yard quickly. The flip opening in the top has the funnel shape that allows you to fill the seeds in the feeder soon. It also used to lock the lid securely, and it is easy to open. It has a 90-degree angle for open that helps to fill the seed, which is conveniently supported.

The frame of the lid is unique, and it holds the mesh bag conveniently, so you can easily refill the new thistle seeds to the mesh bag at the funnel opening. It also helps to fill the grain even in one hand. The mesh bag came in black color and made of polyethylene, so it is durable and long-lasting.

The black color coating gives more convenience to birds, and the black powder-coated metal handle is a sturdy hanger as a double. This feeder holds up to 1 pound of seeds for the birds. It also allows you to see the fantastic view of feeding goldfinches that provides more relaxation and enjoyment. The Gardman helps to give “Bring your garden to life.”

  • Funnel shape for spill-free filling
  • Flip-top design allows one hand filling
  • Easy to hanging 
  • Convenient feeding

8. Bird Quest SBF2Y 17" Spiral Thistle Bird Feeder

Bird Quest SBF2Y 17" Spiral Thistle Bird Feeder


  • Easy to maintain
  • Nine birds can feed
  • Can carry more thistles


  • Always full the feeder for birds

The Bird Quest Feeder comes with bright yellow color to attract the birds, and it is also mostly preferred by finches. There is also yellow color on the perches, which is not only for beauty but also for practical and functional. 

The Bird Quest SBF2Y 17″ Thistle Feeder comes with a 17-inch tube, and the perches are designed with the spiral shape for keeping the bird’s stability steady while feeding that allows more birds to feed at once.

It is a bit expensive compared with other products because it has durable functionality, which is an additional reason for the birds feeding.

This feeder has the aluminum of stainless attached to a clear molded sees tube, so you can easily monitor the tube. The nine ports provide a good view for you and help the finches to feed on the port.

It also has a small hole for the finches, which plays on the spiral perch. Mostly, the small birds only eat the seeds in the feeder. The Bird quest has a locking lid to prevent thistle from insects, squirrels, or other birds.

  • More thistle ports
  • Aluminum and stainless for durability
  • Easy bottom cleaning
  • Unique spiral design perches

9. Kaytee Finch Feeder

Kaytee Finch Feeder


  • Reasonable price
  • Allows many birds
  • Have Replacement socks


  • Additional socks should buy separately

The Kaytee Finch Feeder is made of compatible and soft materials that can hold up to 7 pounds of food in a bag. It is classified as a sock feeder because it has a large surface area, so it allows you to feed more birds at once.

The Kaytee bag is easy to fill, and it comes with a large cable for hanging, so you can hang this feeder on the tree branch or anywhere. This feeder has the dome reservoir in the top that is large enough to withstand all weather conditions. It has the seed at the top, so the sock fills the feeder, so you don’t need to fill this feeder continuously, and it takes more time to empty.

This dome storage option protects the seed, and it does not allow moisture to enter and prevents bacterial growth. This feature keeps the feeder clean for a long time. There are two socks in the Kaytee Finch Feeder, one for immediate use, and the additional one for replacement. So you can enjoy eating Finch watching experience for more time.

  • Durable cable for hanging
  • Weather-resistant seed reservoir
  • Holds 7 pounds of food inside 
  • Easy refill from the top

10. Woodlink NATUBE9 Audubon Thistle Finch Feeder

Woodlink NATUBE9 Audubon Thistle Finch Feeder


  • Long feeder
  • Durable plastic and metal
  • Easy to clean


  • Needs continuous refilling

The woodlink Audubon feeder is made up of the high density of metal and plastics. The top and base of the feeder are designed with the dark green color to attract birds quickly. It comes with weather-resistant to withstand in hot and cold seasons, and also lasts for rainy seasons. It comes with an openable top because it is very durable and easy to clean.

The feeder can hold the two pounds of seed for the birds, and it has eight perches and extra bottom perch for the bird’s rest so that the feeder can keep many birds at the same time.

The feeder has the 8 ports at the small size, and the finches can extract the seeds with their bills. The Finches and small birds only eat a large number of seeds. Therefore, it prevents feeders from squirrels and large birds.

This feeder comes with an affordable price and is very convenient for the finches. They eat more seeds in the feeder than on the ground.

  • Many perches for more birds
  • 8 port thistle finch feeder
  • Green top provides elegant look
  • Holds 2 pounds of seeds

What is finch feeder?

Finch feeders are bird feeders, especially for finches. Finches have smaller bodies and smaller beaks than other birds, and they love Nyjer or thistle seeds, which are really small seeds. Most of the finch feeders can accommodate these small seeds, so they have really small, slit-like holes.

Finch’s favorite seed is thistle seeds, which provide enough nourishment for the small black seeds and contains enough nutrition to give energy for backyard birds. However, among the bird seeds, thistle is one of the most expensive.

Because finches prefer to perch, some feeders have their own stick for clinging and perching. These provide peace of mind when birds feed on thistle seeds you have prepared.

Finches have unique bills suitable for eating small seeds. It means that feeding them can be tricky or straightforward. Their colors depend on their food, so if you want to find healthy colors in your finches, you need to provide a variety of foods.

Finch feeders are usually tubular feeders, whether they be plastic tubes or mesh wire tubes that allow you to keep the seeds indoors, and the finches can be cling or perch in the tube if you want to eat them. To attract such elegance to your garden, you need to find the best finch feeder.

Types of finch feeders

One of the most essential parts of choosing a finch feeder is deciding what kind of feeder is best for your yard, perfect for the current season, and most attracted to the finches in your area. There are many basic feeder designs that shoppers can choose from, each with its own advantages and drawbacks.

Soak finch feeders

The soak finch feeders are ideal for storing nyjer seeds. Usually made from nylon a web in the form of a long sock, and it allows the finches to cling directly onto the soft mesh. This durable feeder will enable you to feed many birds at once. The advantage of using sock feeders is that they are exceptionally affordable and attractive to the finches.

Mesh feeders

Mesh feeders are very durable feeders, and various wire mesh designs help discourage squirrels from wreaking havoc. The circular perch bases are attached to the bottom of the mesh to give the finches plenty of space to settle and eat the seed. Mesh feeders are sometimes made up of metal or plastic or a combination of both. The Metal feeder lasts longer than other types of feeders.

Plastic tube feeders

The plastic tube feeder keeps the seeds clean and dry, and if they have metal feeding ports, they can be squirrel proof. Finches may be attracted to these feeders depending on the size of the perch under the feed ports. There are perch and specific portholes for birds to eat. The transparent tube enables you to see when it’s time to refill the feeder easily. And, cleaning is much easier than mesh feeders.

Upside-down feeders

The Upside-down feeders are different than tube feeders concerning the position of the perches. The feeding ports on these feeders are located beneath the perch, which means that the birds will hang upside-down while eating the seed. Mostly, Finches love to eat while hanging upside-down. This feeder is made explicitly for goldfish because they are the only backyard birds that can comfortably feed upside-down.

Tips to attract finches

Finches are easy to lure if you want them to continue or stay somewhere in your garden for the nest/breeding season, but there are a few things you can do.

Add brightly colored plants and ribbons

Birds are attracted to vivid colors and highly sensitive to colors that are not commonly found in nature. Add colorful tape to your yard, and it will move in the breeze. The colorful ribbons reflect the movements of the other birds, which will make the finches, feel like other birds in your feeder.

Avoid using chemicals

Pesticides, such as weeds-killing sprays and other chemicals, take plants out and prevent them from growing. Pesticides are very toxic to birds, and in the case of finches, you will take the seed-bearing plants they love. Pesticides can harm birds by eliminating plants used for nests.

Keeps weed up

If you have plants in your yard, place them around. The American Goldfinch favors weed fields, and they prefer seeds from common weeds, such as ragweed, milkweed, and tarweed. Blooming flowers and seed-bearing plants attract finches to the garden easily.

Keep refilling your feeder

Finches rarely empty an entire feed always. They eat half the available seeds and then leave the rest. If you find your feeder half empty, check the remaining seeds. If the seed is still fresh, fill the feeder with new seed first, and then fill the feeder with the remaining grain.

Final Words

If you hang a finch feeder in your yard, it can turn your inadequate feeling into an enjoyable one, and it is one of the right hobbies for you. This finch feeder attracts more finches to your yard.

This beautiful bird has many colors, such as red, yellow, and orange, because the carbohydrates in the food help to change the color of the birds. Finches also use these colors to impress their mate.

To choose the perfect seeds for bird’s health, then buy a finch feeder to withstand all weather conditions and hang it in the best place to protect it from predators. Fill the right seeds in the feeder, and then welcome the finches to your home.

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