How To Attract Humming Birds?

Humming birds are the attractive small birds. Human get entertained on seeing them, they live in the Western Hemisphere. They built their shelter were they see attractive places, foods and resources to live. They are formed by variety of colors and by their humming sounds they make everyone to look at them.

The humming birds are small in size and flies here and there nearby make fun and entertain us to watch them. They create the environment with more attractive and colorful environment, with their beautiful humming voices.

To provide these tiny birds with feathered gems, we could feed them and provide with the attractive background by which they gets attracted. But it’s true we can’t really think like hummingbirds. But by noticing their behaviors we can make them get attracted towards us.

Steps to Attract Humming Birds

Step 1: Plant a hummingbird garden

There are many solutions to get the humming birds attracted towards you in a natural way, Plant your garden with more flowers plants specifically with the red colored flower which attracts them. That means a garden full of bee balm, azaleas, columbine, foxglove, butterfly bushes, hostas and morning glories all of these flowers produces delicious nectar and with bright colored flowers, and smells well which attracts the humming birds.

In other way you can also use the trees, shrubs, and flower, coral bells, honeysuckle, impatiens, and cypress vine. These types of flowers are more attractive and also get attracted by the humming birds.

Step 2: Use red color to attract humming bird

Humming birds likes red color this was widely researched in North America; the birds mostly takes the flowers that adapts the pollination are bright red blooms, this bloomed flower is in tubular shape.

A hummingbird watches the red things and is more likely by them. you know that the humming birds are mostly seen towards the taillights of parked cars, or some red colored fruits on the trees.

Step 3: Plant on a continuous blooming schedule

Don’t let your garden dry make sure that your garden is full of glorious. There are different plants and flowers bloom at different seasons and different times during the season of spring and summer. So makes sure that there is a blooming of flowers always in your garden and make them to bloom as early as possible, so that the humming birds comes and gets attracted by your garden.

You can also remove the dead flowers from the plants and make sure the fresh flowers bloom better. You can also refresh your garden by a pleasant smell and make the humming birds happy and don’t let it go from your garden.

Step 4: Don’t use pesticides on or  around your hummingbird plants

The pesticides are more harmful or even kill the humming birds which are more dangerous here in the process of attracting the humming birds. Even the smell of the pesticide are more acquired by the smell of this dangerous pools it kills the birds vigorously. Most of the birds eat the insects that the spray kills, so it is that you are killing the little one too. It’s better to skip the pesticides. The humming birds may take care of some of the bugs for you.

To be safe, always it’s better to go with the natural methods to attract the humming birds, whether that means no pesticides or no artificial sugars in your nectar. Humming birds have a delegate product which is natural and safe for them.

Step 5: Humming bird food

You can keep some of the humming bird nectar which is available in the store or you can make by your own, this food can be prepared very easily by measuring 1 part white sugar to 4 parts water and mix thoroughly too get the nectar. If you want to remove the impurities you can also boil this syrup, and does not spoil immediately and lasts long.

You should not create any extra artificial food towards by mixing it with honey, red dye or other additives it does not attract the humming bird, you can simply use the water and sugar for them as a natural food.

Step 6: Keep its food clean

If sugar water is not boiled to remove the impurities it gets spoils immediately. When the sugar water that has started to spoil and muddy it is dangerous for birds to take. If you are feeding the birds with the feeders brought from the market it is better to clean twice a week.

It’s very important to clean regularly and replace the spoiled food, are cleaned more often during the hot weather. You should also clean the whole area of the humming birds their feathers, feces etc and kept clean.

Step 7: Provide places for hummingbirds and plant hangers

Humming birds likes perching in the trees, but its humming sounds it attracts all. When the humming birds needs to take rest they simply sit on the trees and hum themselves an attracts all. They too need a break from flying all over so to provide them with the better resources you need to provide them with the plant hangers. These attract the humming birds to get attracted.

The male hummingbirds are very generous in guarding their space and food source. Also he will choose a perching spot with high source to watch and natural areas.

Step 8: Tie an orange ribbon round the old oak tree

You can use a bright red ribbon or a orange plastic ribbon which is available in all fancy stores to catch the eyes of passing hummingbirds. Tie these pieces of ribbon to the bushes, trees where the humming birds roams any were near flowers or feeders.

The bright colors will attract the eyes of the hummingbirds down from the sky for a closer look. When they get there, they’ll find your flowering gardens and hummingbird feeders, which might make them, decide to stay for more than just a rest stop

Step 9: Make snag perches for humming birds

The humming birds also take rest, to preen, to hunt, to sleep. Humming birds are after beating your wings to 80 beats per second, they will need to take a break, and too they are very different from other birds. All humming birds, but especially males, like to hum and then perch by sitting on the tree branch.

From this point they can see danger or rivals approaching. And also they can easily grab an insect as their prey, they can notice at point view of view from where they are in past. You can also place a humming bird snag on a dead branch or into the ground so that it makes comfortable to stand on it.

You can place the snag about 50 feet far away from your feeder, but it should be still in your view. You can find the male bird which will fit your snag with all the resources provided. There are some birds like Blue birds, kestrels, and flycatchers they all also like to use snags for perching.

Step 10: Add a mister to your yard

A mister is a small hosed attachment for your regular garden hose. With the hose turned on to a trickle, the mister, with its pinhole openings, shoots a fine spray, or mist, into the air. Humming birds, like all birds, will regularly take bath if a ready supply of water is at hand.

But a mister in action is too much to resist. Humming birds love to fly through the fine spray until they are thoroughly soaked, at which point they zip off to a handy preening perch. Misters are available at hardware stores, lawn and garden centers, specialty bird stores, and by mail order.

Step 11: Don’t remove those spider webs

Do not remove the spider web from the trees because with the help of the spider web Humming birds use to build their nests. Strands of spider web hold the nest together and to the branch upon which it is built. But it needs to wait for long days to get it. Humming birds also love to steal insects from spider webs. Insects are the main source of protein for humming birds, and they will get the insects as many any way they can. These webs are more convenient for humming birds to catch for them.

Step 12: Give us a little extra space

Humming birds takes flowers nectar as the food, but it produces only limited amounts of nectar, so it’s our duty to instinctively protect their food sources even when there is unlimited supply of food by artificial feeders. If there is no sources of fresh flower nectar then try to put up with two or more feeders that can’t be seen from one another.

 Even it’s the toughest task for the little humming bird who can’t utilize the multiple feeders if he or she can’t see them all at once. There are some birds like Gold finches and some other singing birds may feed together peacefully, but humming birds often fight around feeders, chasing one another for food.

Step 13: Put it out in the open

Humming birds are very good in finding their own foods and always find for looking around for food source, but you’ll have more luck attracting humming birds if you put feeders in a place where it’s easy to spot. Use a feeder with some bright red or orange color ribbon on it, and position it where it can be seen and easy for the birds to find flying at the height.


There are many sources by which you can catch the eyes of the humming birds, you have a very pretty garden as the humming birds excepts then it is very easy to catch the humming birds or else you can just use the above methods which is easy for you to use and catch the humming bird in a better way.

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